jueves, 21 de agosto de 2008

A few things are done.

Just uploaded the video of "Perception and Deception".
Perception and Deception is on the market, let's see how it works out. I think that there isn't a lot of competition, and although the school market isn't anywhere near as lucrative or organized as corporates and international festivals, (This market is not an easy one, and I would make a quarter of the money charging the maximum a school can pay, with a lot of negotiation...) I like thinking that I can do something useful with my training, and think there is possibilities for steady work.

The idea of making English as a language real, and fun compensates, and I like the energy that the kids have. Also appealing is the idea of not doing so much travelling, especially with a BABY on the way... we are expecting the 7th of October, which is VERY VERY soon.

Still doing shows with Nicolas, and they are going well, better everytime, so I can mix my solo shows with the duo show, and hopefully, the school gigs will give me time to direct other projects, as well as spend time with baby... Madrid is an expensive city, and we will be trapped here , because of my wife's work, for some time. Hopefully the school gigs will allow me to escape everyonce in a while. Running away from the circus to join a home has its downside, too.

ok, nuff said.