jueves, 25 de junio de 2009

Matt's Madrid parking lot conspiracy theory.

Parking in Madrid.

I have a feeling that some of the parking problems in Madrid are intentional.
Before, in calle Narvaez, they opened up the streets 3 times in the same month,(completely illegal; the companies are required to co-ordinate their digging) and reduced the available parking spaces. After about a month of spending an average of an hour/day looking for parking, I got an announcement from the city announcing a new underground parking lot that I could rent from them... and that would require the street being cut off for another year.

Parking lots are cash cows. In Madrid, a parking space is more expensive than any car any normal person could afford. (I stay away from the first person because I have inherited my father's unhealthy penchant for sticking to cheap second-hand cars... if I need a car to impress people, I need to work more on me, not raise money for some car factory.) To sum up: to park beside the clinic where he works, my father bought AN ENTIRE HOUSE WITH A GARDEN in Rosetown, Saskatchewan for less money than one parking space in Madrid, where someone at minimum wage would have to dedicate their entire salary for three years to buy a parking space. Those of the city are not bought, but LEASED for 25 years at the same price as buying.

Now, in my new house, I am getting worried.

There is a slight parking problem here, but it is getting worse: all of the sudden there is a lot of work going on in the street, aggravating the situation... draw your own conclusions. I have hastily come up with mine, so let's see what happens...

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